First Order Discount
    Use Coupon Code NEWCUSTOMER to Receive 10% OFF your First Order with ScrapBoutique!

    Before beginning shopping please Log In/Register and complete the new customer registration details. After you have registered, an email will be sent to you along with your discount code for first order discount.

    If you change your email address please log in with your old email address and then go to "My Account". Please edit your email address there and click save. Please do not re-register with your new email address as this automatically sends a "welcome email". Each customer is entitled to ONE welcome email discount only - re-registering with new email addresses does not entitle you to use the discount again.

    If you forget to use your First Order Discount code on your first order, your welcome email can be saved and the discount coupon used on a future order.

    *Valid for orders over $30 excluding shipping. Excludes Items purchased from Clearance Racks and any Heavily Discounted items. Not available during "Sales".


    We offer a Special Discount to our loyal Customers.  Once your combined order Totals have reached the required Level, you will Automatically receive a Loyalty Bonus! 
    This Discount is valid on every purchase you make, without the need to enter any coupons or codes. 

    Loyalty Discounts will NOT come off your purchase during any Major Sales in the Boutique.

    Loyalty $$ Spent Levels
    >$1000 = 5% Discount
    >$2000 = 10% Discount
    >$3500 = 15% Discount

    *Discounts and Limits are subject to Change.